Replacement Behaviour and Motivation Strategies

Motivation and Teaching Strategies

Duration: 3 hours
Prerequisites: Foundations of Behaviour and Function-based Thinking
Price: $250 per participant

This module helps participants identify appropriate and functionally-related replacement behaviour to teach their students engaging in challenging behaviour.

Participants will learn how to identify and select appropriate skills based on the student’s behavioural profile such as assessing skill and performance deficits. The effective use of reinforcement to increase skills and strategies to harness a student’s motivation to learn and use new skills and behaviour is covered.

Included in the registration is access to MultiLit Learning and Behaviour Profile, MultiLit Reinforcer List and additional resources to enhance motivation in students.

Units of study

  • Identifying replacement behaviour
  • Functionally equivalent behaviour
  • Skill and performance deficits
  • The effective use of reinforcement
  • Motivation and its effects on behaviour
  • Factors that impact motivation
  • Strategies to improve motivation

Delivery mode

Motivation and Teaching Strategies Modules are delivered via self-paced eLearning.