Reinforcement Systems and Teaching Strategies

Motivation and Teaching Strategies

Duration: 3 hours
Prerequisites: Foundations of Behaviour and Function-based Thinking, Replacement Behaviour and Motivation Strategies
Price: $250 per participant

This module develops the participants’ ability to identify a student’s preferences and design and implement individualised reinforcement systems to support positive behaviour change.

Participants will learn about the correct implementation of classroom-based reinforcement systems such as token economies, group contingencies and self-management plans.

Effective and evidence-based teaching strategies including Behaviour Skills Training (BST) and Functional Communication Training (FCT) are taught using case-based video scenarios and practical activities to allow participants to engage in intervention planning to support positive behaviour change.

Included in the registration is access to a token system, preference assessment, behaviour skills training planning document, and visual supports.

Units of study

  • Identifying student preferences
  • Designing and implementing a reinforcement system
  • Behaviour skills training
  • Functional communication training
  • Case studies

Delivery mode

Motivation and Teaching Strategies Modules are delivered via self-paced eLearning.