Foundations of Behaviour and Function-based Thinking

Foundations and Principles

Duration: 3 hours
Prerequisites: None
Price: $250 per participant

This essential, foundation module is a prerequisite to proceed through to Assessment and Measurement of Behaviour, and Motivation and Teaching Strategy modules.

This module covers the science and systems supporting a function-based approach to positive behaviour change. It provides an introduction to the ABC model and the functions of behaviour and discusses how the functional thinking model can be adopted to improve how we support individuals engaging in challenging behaviour.

Important ethical considerations and common barriers to implementation are highlighted and discussed. Participants will look closely at a student’s behavioural profile using the iceberg analogy of behaviour and exploring behavioural excesses, deficits and a specially created adaptive behaviour checklist.

Included in the registration is access to MultiLit’s Learning and Behaviour Profile.

Units of study

  • Approaches to behaviour management
  • Ethical considerations and barriers to implementation
  • ABC model
  • Defining behaviour
  • Functions of behaviour
  • Student behaviour profile
  • Function-based thinking

Delivery mode

All Foundations and Principles modules are delivered via self-paced eLearning.