Community of Practice

The Community of Practice blended-learning option provides participants with a consistent approach to the way in which they think and talk about behaviour, across all the tiers of a Response to Intervention approach, as well as an introduction to a school-wide function-based approach to positive behaviour support.

Participants can then apply these foundational concepts of behaviour to critical positive behaviour support practices such as identifying and teaching appropriate replacement behaviour, motivating students to engage in more appropriate behaviour and specific behavioural teaching strategies to teach students functional, safe and effective alternative behaviours at school.

How it is delivered

A 10week program, blended learning program, the Community of Practice is offered in each school term. It comprises:

How it will benefit your students

By adopting a consistent and effective way to support the diverse learning and behavioural needs of all students, everyone benefits. Teachers naturally move away from a reactive approach to a more systematic, proactive approach resulting in calmer, happier and more engaged students.

Positive approaches that focus on teaching guide us to look for opportunities to model, teach and reinforce appropriate and desired behaviours and away from reacting to problems.

This results in students experiencing success and reaping the benefits of calmer teachers who can get back to the business of teaching!