The MultiLit Positive Teaching and Learning Initiative

At MultiLit, we place a strong focus on ensuring students are ready to receive instruction. We know that without planning for effective classroom management, student engagement, participation and learning will be negatively impacted.

That’s why the Positive Teaching method underpins all of MultiLit’s programs. We are now building on this framework to provide teachers and schools with more support and training on how to facilitate a positive learning environment, and to work effectively with students with behaviours of concern.

MultiLit’s Positive Teaching and Learning Initiative empowers school leaders and teachers to introduce a highly effective, school-wide positive behaviour management system.

The MultiLit Positive Teaching and Learning Initiative comprises:

 Boost student engagement and learning outcomes and improve teacher wellbeing to create a learning environment where everyone thrives.

About MultiLit

MultiLit (Making up Lost Time in Literacy) is a leading provider of effective literacy instruction in Australasia. Originating at Macquarie University Special Education Centre (MUSEC) under the directorship of Professor Kevin Wheldall AM in 1995, MultiLit was spun off from the University in 2006. MultiLit continues as a research initiative of Macquarie University. Our courses are continually informed by an ongoing program of research. As well as supporting students with literacy, we also support teachers with research based guidance and skill development to support positive teaching and learning environments.